245 Metal-seated Control Valve

photo - 245 Pressure/Flow Controller and Metal-seated Control Valve

The 245 Valve is a modified version of the Granville-Phillips Series 216 all-metal, bakeable control valve. The 245 Valve is capable of controlling pressure from 10-11 to 6000 Torr, with a maximum throughput up to 2500 Torr-liters/sec (200 slm): The valve can be used with many corrosive gases that preclude the use of other valves. With the valve driver assembly removed, the valve may be baked to 450°C for UHV applications. The stepper motor used to drive the Type 245 allows response to pressure or set point changes in fractions of a second, and will drive the valve from a fully closed to a fully open position in only 15 seconds. The Type 244 Controller completes the system.

The Type 244/245 Pressure/Flow Control System is a closed-loop feedback control system for use in vacuum processes requiring an all-metal, bakeable control valve, for wide range pressure or flow control. The Type 244/245 system, comprised of a control module and servo-controlled leak valve, is ideally suited for single-gas process such as sputtering, sputter-etching, ion source control, ion implantation, vacuum gauge calibration, etc.

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245Granville-Phillips Type 216 with DC stepper motor. Operable with Type 244E Pressure/Flow controllerQuote Only

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