Programmable Automation Controllers
PAC and PLC Technologies

photo - MKS PAC 1000 and 100 Programmable Automation Controllers

MKS Programmable Automation Controllers allow you to create flexible control architecture with logic distributed throughout all modules.

MKS Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC) merge the features of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and Industrial Personal Computers (IPC), to create an open standards, networked, programmable, flexible, and scalable PAC, all in a modular, DIN rail mountable plastic enclosure. Compared to standard PLC's and IPC's, MKS PACs provide a more compact, customizable, high performance, and cost effective programmable control solution for a variety of control and automation tasks.

  • C-programmable, Linux logic controllers
  • Ethernet I/O with C-programmable logic
  • IEC61131 Programming
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