High Sensitivity XD Systems
High Sensitivity XD Mass Spectrometry Systems with V-lens Technology

What is the Challenge?

For applications where the elimination of trace levels of contamination in vacuum systems is of critical importance, improvements in the limit of detection (minimum detectable concentration) are of significant advantage.

What is the Solution?

V-lens™ technology has been designed in order to meet the ever increasing sensitivity demands found in process gas monitoring and control today. The patented technology allows for low ppb limits of detection, allowing for unequivocal identification of low mass gases.

This increased capability, which is not available on any other Residual Gas Analyzer (RGA) provides users with the confidence they need to know that their process is under control.

V-lens Technology

V-lens ion-optics technology uses a unique, patented double-focusing and deflection mechanism to significantly reduce background and enhance sensitivity. The result is an residual gas analyzer with low limits of detection (typically in the mid to low ppb range) without compromise to any other aspect of instrument performance - even when working with the most challenging gases that can produce large amounts of chemical background noise via metastable decay. This novel technological design provides significant improvements in quality and clarity in the data obtained, for any application where detecting the lowest levels of contamination with confidence is important.

Novel V-lens Ion-Optics Technology

V-lens schematic

A range of quadrupole mass spectrometer, RGAs are available to meet the different applications needs found within gas process monitoring and process control environments. To learn more about these and V-lens technology click on the links below: