Series 49 Thermal Management System

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Intuitive Advanced Control

The MKS Series 49 Thermal Management System is a comprehensive thermal control solution with innovative technology built on the proven MKS Series 46 and 48 heater products.

The Series 49 features three newly designed main components: The intelligent and flexible Series 49 Controller with customized temperature operation, provides complete, configurable thermal system management. Two advanced heaters with new jacket materials offer high energy efficiency and high operating temperature. A new intuitive User Interface System enables quick and easy system access, diagnostics; and features adjustable set points for comprehensive system control.

Heater Jacket Options:

Features & Benefits:

  • Comprehensive system control plus detailed diagnostics
  • Control method flexibility
  • 360° LED signal visibility
  • New, advanced heater material options
  • High efficiency & high operating temperature
  • Lightweight and flexible with easy installation
  • Digital communications link to one or an entire heater network
  • Tablet based, easy to use software application and hardware kit
  • Detailed control, diagnostic feedback, and data acquisition


  • Semiconductor
    ETCH, CVD, PECVD, MOCVD, LPCVD (Nitride and TEOS), TEOS CVD, EPI (Epitaxi), ALD, Chamber Heat, Gauge Trees & Gas Lines, Gas Analyzers, Endpoint Detectors, Bubbler Cylinders, Mass Flow Controllers, Manometers, Isolation & Butterfly Valves
  • Analytical Instrumentation
    Mass Spectrometers, Evaporators, & Chambers
  • Biopharm
    Stainless Steel Filter Housings and Single Use Filters
  • Industrial Coating
    Solar Substrate Processing, Thin Films, and LED Manufacturing
  • Custom and R&D Applications

Series 49 Controller

Series 49 User Interface

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