Temperature Controllers

MultiTherm temperature controllers provide all the necessary means for highly uniform temperature control across multiple zones and excellent uniformity of heat distribution across combined area while preserving system costs and real estate. MultiTherm temperature controllers can be seamlessly interfaced to a control system via standard fieldbus protocols, and can also function as a stand-alone controller, with the ability to interface with the MKS Controls Workbench application or Labview.

Precise & stable temperature control with fast acting interference handling

  • High Accuracy, high stability sensing supporting TC's and RTD's
  • Fast acting, dynamic outputs using phase-fire and zero crossing methods.
  • Independent PID loops or coordinated loops using Model Based Control (MBC)

Secure of control algorithms

  • Supports custom control algorithms without disclosure of source code (IP)

Easy to design in & easy to maintain

  • Fieldbus connectivity, Web-server
  • Hardware & Software-based Safety Interlocks, custom power distribution with protection and heater health monitoring
  • Field upgradable and serviceable

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