Automation & Control Software
from MKS Instruments

MKS provides a variety of software solutions to improve the efficiency of processes and manufacturing facilities around the world, ranging from programming tools to highly advanced analytical packages that analyze and optimize processes, including:

MKS Controls Workbench

Controls Workbench (CWB) is a central interface for interfacing, configuring, monitoring, and controlling MKS devices, including the MKS Automation Platform and MultiTherm 2000. Controls Workbench provides advanced process monitoring and diagnostics with dashboard views for manual remote control of connected devices.

IEC61131-3 Programming Software

IEC61131-3 Programming Software is an open, IEC standard programming environment for developing code and recipes for use with MKS Automation Platform programmable controllers.

SenseLink QM In-Line Quality Detection

SenseLink QM In-Line Quality Detection leverages all the benefits of the SenseLink application plus advanced Multivariate Data Analytics (MVA). Multivariate analytics, embedded in the SenseLink QM application can be implemented to automate the containment of defective product from a manufacturing line, significantly reducing costs, product recalls and manual product inspection. SenseLink QM is compatible with the MKS Automation Platform.

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