Impedance Matching Networks

MatchWork 5D

Matchwork® Impedance matching networks provide efficient, quick tuning of your RF generator for applications such as PECVD, HDPCVD and etch. MKS line of "off-the-shelf" and customized automatic matching networks provides fast and efficient impedance matching for all of your solar, semiconductor, and flat panel applications.

MKS matching networks utilize fuzzy logic algorithms and stepper motor drive technology to produce fast, accurate and repeatable matching. MKS automatic tuning matching networks quickly transform plasma impedances to 50 ohms to maximize power transfer to your chamber.

MKS matching networks can be operated in three tuning modes. Fully automatic mode where the match continuously tunes as the plasma impedance changes, manual mode to allow the operator to adjust the capacitors during process, and preset mode when the operator has knowledge of various load conditions and wants to set the capacitor positions near their final matched values before the match automatically fine tunes to the final position.

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