RF Amplifiers for MRI

photo - S35-64 18kW Solid-state, Hi-rel FET Designed, Water-cooled MRI RF Amplifier with Patented Stability & Linearity Enhancement Technology

MKS-Medical Electronics designs, produces and challenges the limits of state-of-the-art RF for MRI. Our amplifiers are utilized by leading OEM’s and research facilities globally. We pride ourselves in designing long lasting, reliable, high performing RF amplification with such groundbreaking IP as Stability Enhancement (SEM) which ensures RF performance is exactly the same as the last, no matter when the scan is performed, hours, days, weeks, or years later. We design for both COO (cost of ownership) and true value as well as fielded efficiencies for quick replacement and repair. MKS has multiple global repair facilities ensuring quick turn around time and lower cost of transportation of service. Time is money and well being - something we take great care in - both as a design criteria and a functional requirement.

Need help?

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