PVS6E Portable Vacuum Calibration System

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The PVS6E consists of up to three MKS Baratron® Type 690 High Accuracy Absolute capacitance manometers as transfer standards and a high vacuum pumping system, mounted in a sturdy transportable cart. The PVS6E provides NIST traceable calibrations over the pressure range from 10-5 to 1000 mmHg and can be used to calibrate capacitance manometers, thermocouple gauges, Pirani gauges, convection enhanced Pirani gauges, other capacitance manometers and transmitters, and mechanical/dial gauges. Hot or cold cathode ionization gauges can be calibrated over the upper end of their range.

The PVS6E is a completely re-engineered version of the popular PVS6D. Standard features include a narrow chassis for ease of movement through confined areas, clean room compatibility, and a dry pumping system.


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