300mm Resist-Torr Photoresist Detection Monitor RGA

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It is often difficult to know when a photoresist problem is affecting the productivity of a 300mm PVD system. Even small amounts of residual resist, when introduced over a prolonged period, can reduce yields, cause particle contamination or slowly contaminate process chambers, thereby requiring premature kit changes. Major photoresist hits can be very costly, upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars for lost wafers, especially if the tantalum/copper target becomes contaminated.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fully automated process monitoring - no operator necessary
  • Detection of photoresist contamination during high pressure (~8 Torr) degas, before wafers enter into 300mm PVD chambers
  • Calculation of the PR Index - a measure of photoresist contamination level in the degas chamber
  • Built in calibration standard with automatic calibration routine enables long-term data comparison and proper system operation
  • Variable alarm sensitivity to match the conditions of your product in your fab or process tool
  • Powerful optional data review feature to maximize ROI


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