MultiGas 2030-HS High Speed (5 Hz) FTIR Gas Analyzer
5 Hz Combustion Continuous Gas Analysis

photo - MultiGas 2030-HS High Speed (5 Hz) FTIR Gas Analyzer

The MultiGas 2030 HS is a high speed, high resolution FTIR based gas analyzer designed to monitor automobile, diesel, locomotive, and catalyst combustion exhaust emissions at 5 measurements per second (5Hz).

The MultiGas 2030 HS gas analyzer is composed of a high speed 0.5 cm-1 process-hardened FTIR spectrometer. This FTIR spectrometer incorporates a patented 5.11 m high-optical-throughput 200 mL gas sampling cell capable of 100 L/m flow rate no backpressure or noise that would degrade the quantitative measurement. The analyzer generally incorporates a high sensitivity liquid nitrogen cooled MCT detector that can maintain cryogenic temperatures for up to 12 hours on a single charge and up to 3-4 days with an additional 5L external dewar. The system is delivered complete with easy to use software and system diagnostics, calibration, installation and training.

Features & Benefits:

  • Single analyzer measures traditional and non-traditional emissions - reducing costs,
  • True 5 Hz measurement of transient species in combustion exhaust,
  • 0.5 cm-1 high resolution FTIR spectrometer - ability to measure low levels of species without moisture removal,
  • 200 mL - 5.11 m gas cell - Reduced volume produces faster response time,
  • Wide range of calibrated samples at 150°C and 191°C,
  • Incorporated system diagnostics - Analyzer health diagnostics and troubleshooting hardware problems.


Automobile, diesel, locomotive, and catalyst emissions monitoring