MKS Controls Workbench (CWB)
Automation Software for MKS Controls Products

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MKS Controls Workbench (CWB) is a central interface for communicating with most MKS controllers, including ECM, MultiTherm, and MKS Automation Platform products. Access, monitor, and remotely control all MKS controllers from a single PC running the CWB application. MKS Controls Workbench (CWB) communicates to MKS devices using Modbus TCP/IP protocol, enabling Ethernet communication to all compatible MKS devices.

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MKS Controls Workbench (CWB) can create custom dashboards for individual or multiple MKS controllers on the same network. Each CWB dashboard can be configured with digital readouts of temperature loops, Mass Flow Controllers (MFCs), and generic analog and digital IO channels, for manual control of a single or multiple processes with a one interface.

When used with MKS MultiTherm temperature controllers, MKS Controls Workbench (CWB) provides support and configuration for advanced options including model-based temperature control, cascading loops, autotuning, and PID gain scheduling. MKS autotuning algorithms included in MKS Controls Workbench (CWB) are proven to deliver improved performance for temperature control over existing solutions.

Features & Benefits:

  • One application configures most MKS automation equipment
    • Access all controllers simultaneously from one interface
    • Create views & charts for individual or multiple devices
  • Built in data logging, charting, & data exporting
  • Advanced process diagnostic capabilities
  • Configure custom dashboards for an entire process or individual sub-systems, for manual, remote process control
  • Pre-defined features for MKS Instruments
  • Incorporate PLC and IEC 61131-3 projects & recipes - remotely activate, pause, or stop process routines
  • Advanced temperature control applications (when used with MultiTherm devices), including:
    • Model Based Control (MBC) and/or standard PID control
    • Autotuning algorithm for specific application requirements
    • Cascading loops for applications requiring extremely fast disturbance recovery
    • PID gain scheduling for strict process requirements over a broad range of temperatures


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