Precisive® 5-162
Flare Stack Gas Analyzer

photo - Precisive 5 Analyzer

Precisive® 5-162 is a real-time Precisive gas composition analyzer calibrated for flare stack and fast response control of multi-component alkane and alkene gas streams. Precisive 5-162 is much lower cost to buy, maintain and calibrate than alternatives such as Mass Spectroscopy, maintaining the accuracy of a Gas Chromatograph with superior response time.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Analysis in seconds
    Minimized sampling issues
    Real-time feedback
  • Simple to install and maintain
    Low operational costs
    No carrier gas or instrument fuel gas required
  • Linear across measurement range
    Linear response across the full measurement scale
  • Precision and accuracy
    Accurate and reproducible results in under 5 seconds for combustion control to a PLC
  • Flow-through sensor design
    No sensitivity to pressure and flow variations
    Minimized potential sampling issues
  • Small footprint, outdoor rated
    Extractive process mounted - replace GC installation
    Process control to DCS via real-time Modbus output
    NEMA 4X, CSA Class1Div2, ATEX Zone2, IP66 rated

Measurement Channels:

Methane through n-Hexane speciated hydrocarbon channels - 11 direct measurements


  • HPI flare stack analysis
  • Stack monitoring and combustion control for Olefin and Ethylene cracking plants


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