Multi-gas, Multi-range, Elastomer-sealed Mass Flow Controller for Flow Rates up to 250 slm

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The GE250A mass flow controller is a general purpose, elastomer-sealed MFC suited for a wide variety of applications.

The GE250A can be ranged from 100 to 250 slm (N2 equivalent). The GE250 is available with either analog I/O or digital I/O utilizing the latest control algorithms for fast and repeatable response to set point.

Settling times of 1 to 2 seconds and setpoint accuracies below 1% of setpoint exceeds typical high flow mass flow controllers. Precise control is maintained down to 2% of the GE250A's configured Full Scale flow range. Multi-gas/multi-range capability and tight performance specifications for accuracy, control range, and transient response minimize flow controller inventory requirements.

The multi-gas/multi-range feature and other custom controls are accessed through the embedded diagnostic interface. A standard Ethernet cable and JAVA-enabled HTML browser are the only tools needed. Critical gas parameters for typical high flow rate gases are already stored on the MFC. Configure an I-Series mass flow controller by selecting the gas from a drop-down menu and specify the desired Full Scale flow range. Perform routine device health checks, plot flow response, and store operating data for offline analysis with the I-Series MFC diagnostic interface.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fast response to setpoint change reduces flow stabilization time
  • Tight flow accuracy improves process matching
  • Reduced inlet pressure (pressure drop) requirement simplifies gas supply regulation
  • Multi-Gas/Multi-range reduced MFC inventory
  • Configuration/diagnostics via Ethernet & web browser - no special software needed