MultiGas 2030 CEM HiSens
Gas Analyzer for Low Level Continuous Emissions Monitoring

photo - MultiGas 2030 CEM HiSens Gas Analyzer for Low Level Continuous Emissions Monitoring

MultiGas 2030 CEM HiSens is an FTIR-based gas analyzer designed for continuous monitoring of very low emissions in effluent streams containing up to 40% of water and CO2. With permanently stored calibration spectra, the need for costly reference gas mixtures is reduced. For certain applications such as HCl monitoring, an innovative software configuration also eliminates the need for daily nitrogen background, further increasing the instrument uptime. MultiGas 2030 CEM HiSens is easy to operate and maintain and has a low cost of ownership (CoO).

Features & Benefits:

  • Single narrow band FTIR analyzer measures several target emissions at very low levels, including HCl, HF, formaldehyde, N2O, CH4, CO2, H2O
  • High sensitivity detector with no liquid nitrogen cooling required
  • Patented, linearized detector response ensures all instruments maintain the same calibration
  • Continuous measurement for rapid detection of changes in effluent composition
  • Direct analysis in effluent streams that contain up to 40% water, with no chillers or driers required
  • Complete, integration-ready analyzer reduces complexity and ensures fast install time
  • Permanent calibration spectra reduces the need for costly calibration gas cylinders
  • Integrated gas cell heater maintains temperature of the gas sample, eliminating sample condensation and maximizing accuracy
  • Frequency and resolution diagnostics maintain precise calibration for improved accuracy
  • Integrated, automatic temperature and pressure compensation ensures accurate analysis
  • User-friendly, intuitive software enables simple operation with relatively little training
  • Low cost of ownership, easy to install and maintain

MultiGas 2030 analyzer is comprised of a 2102 Process FTIR Spectrometer, an MKS-patented, high-optical-throughput sampling cell, applications-specific analysis software, and an instrument-independent, quantitative spectral library. MultiGas analyzer also incorporates a high-sensitivity thermoelectrically (TE) cooled detector. This analyzer configuration and software analysis package, enables more accurate, extremely sensitive measurement of several gases, such as HCl, HF, formaldehyde and CO2, in high moisture streams (up to 40%) by producing high resolution spectra which enable the detection and measurement of components without removal of the moisture.


  • Cement Kilns
  • Waste Incinerators
  • Electric Generating Utilities
  • Large Combustion Plants
  • Turbine Engines
  • Coal Burning Facilities