SenseStream & Virtual BlueBox
for Data Collection and Tool Interface

photo - RMU Remote Monitor Unit

Enabling high-speed, multi-user connectivity, data integration, and sharing.

SenseStream provides the optimum solution for data integration and data sharing. Designed to manage and segment data requests from multiple users, the SenseStream multiplexes the data from the process tool and sensors and streams this data to the multiple applications and users, including the factory host. The open and flexible architecture of the SenseStream guarantees easy integration into existing fab environments, using SECS-I/HSMS protocols. The SenseStream application runs on our standard RMU2 hardware. Along with the SenseStream product, the MKS Virtual BlueBox software solution can be used to provide data collection capabilities, providing a next generation, seamless and transparent replacement of an existing MKS BlueBox solution.

Open and Flexible Architecture:

  • Scalable data collection architecture single tool to fab wide system
  • The combination of SenseStream and the Virtual Bluebox supports the TOOLweb® tool-side protocol for sensor data collection
  • Integrates sensor data into the SECS data stream to the factory host
  • The combination of SenseStream and the Virtual Bluebox provides an XML-based protocol to easily interface with fab applications, sensors, instruments, and subsystems
  • Enables data sharing and transfer through data multiplexing

Configurable, High Speed Data Collection:

  • Data collection from tool and sensors
  • User configurable data collection, linked to recipe, lot ID and wafer number
  • Administration and configuration of data collection plans via WEB GUI and TOOLweb® fab side protocol
  • Allows data from FDC programs to be sent to the factory host
  • Allows collection of 5,000 SVIDs per second on a collection plan with a sample rate of 0.1 seconds and 15,000 to 16,000 SVIDS for collection plans with a sample rate of 0.5 seconds


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