ECM Ethernet Control Module

photo - ECM Ethernet Control Module

ECM programmable automation controller is a high-density I/O with custom connectivity and cLogic control engine. It can be implemented as a complete control platform for a single location or for a complete manufacturing line. With the ability to handle detailed execution tasks through the cLogic engine as well as to run certified programmable safety interlocks, the unit can be used to neatly manage I/O via the custom distribution board.

Based on case studies, the compact footprint ECM can typically save users 15-40% on their automation and control costs versus other solutions. In addition to lowering cost, the flexibility of the expandable design allows users to add I/O after installation by utilizing the additional expansion slots.

Features & Benefits:

  • Compact, high density design reduces the number of controllers required, saving cost and tool real estate
  • Designed with analog, digital and interlock I/O connectivity in a single controller for flexibility and ease of use
  • Adjust and reuse interlocking schemes on the fly save engineering time and costs
  • cLogic distributed real time logic engine for tight control and faster than other control schemes
  • Data monitoring & control interfaces utilize Modbus/TCP, DeviceNet, EtherCAT, or web browser for migration and flexibility
  • TOOLweb Interface for data collection and analysis
  • Easy, remote setup and configure via standard web browser


ECM programmable automation controller is ideal for high-density commercial and industrial applications and for remote monitoring applications with high I/O point counts.


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