High Performance Multi-gas, Multi-range Mass Flow Controllers for Flow Rates up to 50 slm

photo - P4B Multi-gas, Multi-range, Programmable, Metal-sealed, Digital Mass Flow Controller

The P4B MFC is the next generation of multi-gas/multi-range mass flow controllers designed to meet critical gas flow control requirements for accuracy and speed of response while minimizing mass flow controller inventory requirements. P4B MFC multi-gas/multi-range capabilities are enabled with gas parameters already stored in memory which provide 1% of set point accuracy for the user selected gas. Configuring a gas and range is easily done through an Ethernet interface with no special software - only a PC and an internet browser are needed.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fast response reduces time to stabilization
  • Tightly-controlled flow accuracy improves process control
  • Multi-gas, Multi-range capabilities reduces MFC inventory requirements
  • Embedded software for configuration and diagnostics
  • Configure and control with any PC and web browser


The P4B MFC digital mass flow controller is an essential component for providing crucial process gas flow control in the production of semiconductors, LEDs and critical thin films, especially where short process steps are required. This performance extends over a broad range of process gases, whether "light" gases such as helium or "heavy" gases such as SF6