Software Programmable Interlocks
an Intelligent Automation Solution for Safety I/O

Achieve time-to-market goals while saving interlock project costs.

In addition to traditional hardware interlock boards, MKS Instruments also provides a software programmable interlock board. Rated to Semi S2 SIL3 safety standards, this board can be used in environments that require the highest level of human safety functionality.

Time-to-market and cost savings are the key benefits of using our Software Programmable Interlock board.

  • For R&D, each hardware interlock board re-spin can cost thousands of dollars and delay projects for weeks. MKS' Software Programmable Interlocks allows an unlimited number of logic changes without any delays or redesign costs.
  • In the field, changes can be made without downtime, with the proper user authentication.

In both cases, for a typical project, this can save tens of thousands of dollars, and reduce time-to-market by weeks or even months.

Logic implementation is done via one of two methods in secure program mode only:

  • A truth table via the product website:
  • photo - Software Programmable Interlock screen capture
  • Logic diagrams built in MS-Visio uploaded uploaded as a CSV file.


  • Certified to meet SIL-3. reference: IEC61508 (SIRA FSP 08005).
  • Based on single board ECM (Ethernet Control Module) form factor.
  • Reports Status of Inputs and Outputs to the main controller through the main communication bus.
  • Self Diagnostic.
  • Programmable de-bounce on inputs (10µsecs to 1msec range).
  • 48 digital inputs (24V or current sense), 16 virtual inputs, & one input for Watchdog.
  • Supports 32 Interlock functions.
  • 24V, 3.3V Power in protection against: Over Voltage (OV), Under Voltage (UV), Over Current (OC).

MKS' Software Programmable Interlock board is currently available in the ECM and ECM2 Ethernet Control Modules.