Flexible Sensor Integration

TOOLweb® RGA maintains continual communication with the tool to access information required for its operation. Wafer logistics information, tool VIDs and the communication of "events" (e.g. wafer process start) are all required to drive the RGA state engine logic and ensure that there is correlation between sensor data and wafer specific information in the database.

TOOLweb® RGA can be configured in a number of different ways to enable such communication including:

  • Through the MKS Virtual BlueBox for "SECS multiplexing"
  • Via a secondary SECS port for direct information access from the tool
  • Direct access of information from the Fab host (MES)
  • Using SECS TAP for "SECS eavesdropping"
  • Via the tools main SECS port if otherwise unused

Additionally, TOOLweb® RGA can send information in realtime to the tool, Fab host or an APC platform – such information might include alarms, calculated indices, events, or sensor data.

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