TOOLweb® RGA Applications

TOOLweb® RGA Real-Time Applications

The TOOLweb RGA real-time applications operate through the Process Eye Professional™ sensor control platform to ensure all installed RGA sensors deliver stable, high quality data at all times. Included in the real-time applications is a fault detection and classification capability with multiple possible actions to be taken in the event of a process excursion.

A web-based application is provided to configure TOOLweb® RGA and to make adjustments to alarm settings as well as the selection and configuration of tool VIDs for tracking.

Real-time application features:

  • Fully automated acquisition of RGA data throughout different tool chamber states (process, baseline and pump down) Real-time displays of acquired data, alarm status and RGA status
  • Configurable for a range of different 200mm and 300mm process tools and offering a flexible approach to tool integration
  • Performs self calibration at both process and base vacuum pressures
  • Offers real-time fault detection with the ability to use statistical limits derived from univariate modeling
  • Automatic selection of alarms on the basis of wafer type (lot) and process recipe
  • E-mailing of alarms and warnings to defined recipient groups
  • Alarm conditions can be sent to the tool controller and may be used to stop the tool or hold a contaminated wafer while others complete processing

TOOLweb® RGA Web-Based Applications

The web-applications that are included as part of the TOOLweb® RGA product suite offer data reporting and database searching capabilities. This capability is accessible from any location on a network (or over the internet) using a web browser with no requirement for software installation or downloading. Web-applications typically run on the same control PC as the real-time applications however the database and data files may be located on a separate server on the same network.

Typical data summary reportTypical data summary report - click to zoom
Data summary report illustrating drill-down to view raw data - click to enlargeData summary report illustrating drill-down to view raw data - click to zoom
Univariate FDC model showing the statistical variation of wafers from the model - click to enlargeUnivariate FDC model showing the statistical variation of wafers from the model - click to zoom

Data summary reports

  • Available for different tools and chambers over defined periods of time with specific reports for process, baseline and pumpdown conditions
  • By clicking on outlier wafers within a report, it is possible to identify the numeric data values, Lot ID, wafer ID and process recipe and drill-down to see "raw" bar chart and trend data collected during wafer processing
  • Reports may also be filtered to show only a subset of wafers that were processed by specified process recipe(s), belonging to certain lots etc.

Favorite reports

  • Similar to standard data summary reports but with pre-defined tool, chamber and time period – Allows chamber-to-chamber comparisons to be made within the same report and includes wafer identification and drill-down to view "raw" data

Wafer search

  • Allows operator to search for a specific wafer or lot and then drill down to view "raw" RGA and VID data

Summary alarm search

  • Automatically lists alarm and warning events occurring on a particular tool and chamber over a specific period of time and provides a summary of the root cause – Includes drill down capability to view "raw" RGA and VID data

Univariate FDC modeling

  • By using data captured during the normal processing of wafers, TOOLweb RGA is able to build statistical models using both "raw" and "summary" RGA and VID data – "Outlier" or abnormal wafer data can easily be excluded from the model
  • Once created, the model can be used to implement either absolute or statistical alarms in real-time applications – Alarms on summary data are "dynamic" and can be varied on the basis of Lot ID or tool recipe name

Data Export

  • The specific selected channels of summary data from a report or favorites can be downloaded as a "csv" format data file
  • All the data, both summary and "raw" scan level, can be downloaded as a "csv" format data file

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