TOOLweb® RGA Sensors

TOOLweb® RGA sensors are specially configured to monitor different tool and process environments. They can highlight a variety of process and tool issues to ensure throughput, yield and tool uptime is maximized while the occurrence of scrapped wafers and downtime is minimized. The following a selection of preconfigured TOOLweb® RGA sensors along with associated benefits:

photo - 300mm Resist-Torr Wafer Degas Monitor

300mm Resist-Torr™ Wafer Degas Monitor

Rapidly identifies and alarms the presence of wafer borne contaminants including photoresist and solvent residues from upstream cleaning processes. Protects the tool from the spread of contamination and associated particle problems.

photo - PVD-HPQ3S PVD Process Monitor

PVD-HPQ3S™ PVD Process Monitor

Monitors PVD processes during both wafer processing and baseline conditions. Highlights issues associated with gas composition and process contaminants, including those linked to tool component failure.

photo - Vision 2000-B Vacuum Baseline Monitor RGA

Vision 2000-B™ Vacuum Baseline Monitor RGA

Tracks gases in the transfer chamber environment with correlation to process chamber slit valve positions so that the existence of leaks and the potential for process chamber cross-contamination can be highlighted and rectified.

photo - Vision 2000-C RGA for CVD

Vision 2000-C™ RGA for CVD

Highlights the presence of contaminants and process excursions and can also be used for process qualification and optimization. In ALD, the Vision 2000-C™ RGA can be used to monitor drift and inconsistency in precursor delivery.

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