Gas Correction Factors for Ionization Vacuum Gauges

The values in the following table are the gas correction factors for various gases with respect to Nitrogen for both hot cathode and cold cathode ionization vacuum gauges.

In a gauge calibrated for Nitrogen, where the predominant gas being measured is other than Nitrogen, divide the actual gauge reading by the appropriate gas correction factor to get the corrected pressure value for the specific gas being measured.

Gas Symbol Gas Correction Factor
Acetone (CH3)2CO 3.60
Air - - - 1.00
Ammonia NH3 1.30
Argon Ar 1.29
Benzene C6H6 5.90
Bromine Br2 3.80
Bromomethane CH3Br 3.70
Carbon Dioxide CO2 1.42
Carbon Disulfide CS2 5.00
Carbon Monoxide CO 1.05
Carbon Tetrachloride CCl4 6.00
Chlorine Cl2 0.68
Deuterium D2 0.35
Helium He 0.18
Hydrogen H2 0.46
Hydrogen Bromide HBr 2.00
Hydrogen Chloride HCl 1.50
Hydrogen Fluoride HF 1.40
Isobutylene C4H8 3.60
Krypton Kr 1.94
Methane CH4 1.40
Neon Ne 0.30
Nitric Oxide NO 1.30
Nitrogen N2 1.00
Nitrogen Oxide NO 1.16
Nitrous Oxide N2O 1.50
Oxygen O2 1.01
Phosphine PH3 2.60
Propane C3H8 4.20
Sulfur Dioxide SO2 2.10
Sulfur Hexafluoride SF6 2.50
xenon xe 2.87

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