MultiGas™ FTIR Spectrometry
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometry from MKS Instruments

photo - MultiGas FTIR Gas Analyzer

MultiGas™ FTIR Spectrometry gas analyzer instruments from MKS On-Line Products are capable of ppb to ppm sensitivity for multiple gas species in a variety of gas analysis applications.

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Air Separatation Unit (ASU) Impurity Analysis -
ASU Impurity Analysis Using FTIR

Automobile, Diesel, Locomotive Exhaust Monitoring -
5 Hz Catalytic Emissions FTIR Monitoring During Lean-Rich Engine Cycles

Catalyst Exhaust Monitoring -
Rapid Catalytic Performance Evaluation with MultiGas™ Analyzers

CWA/TIC Detection -
Chemical Warfare Agent (CWA) & Toxic Industrial Chemical (TIC) Detection

Medical Equipment Sterilization -
Ethylene Oxide Analysis for Medical Equipment Sterilization

Hydrocarbon Reforming in Fuel Cells -
FTIR Analysis for the Reforming of Hydrocarbons

Power Utility Emissions Monitoring -
Power Plant Emissions and SCR Monitoring with MultiGas™ 2030 Analyzers

Stack Emissions Monitoring -
PFC Abatement Efficiencies - MultiGas™ 2030

Synthetic Gas Analysis -
FTIR Analysis for Syngas Reactions

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