Power Generation

The wide variety of gas sources today has created new challenges for power generation (refineries, hydrocarbon processing plants, gas-to-power machines, biogas processes and fuel gas transportation and metering). Gas quality can vary widely, which can cause uneven energy levels and damage to turbines and downstream equipment.

Power generators need to accurately establish gas energy and to determine fuel quality to ensure optimal combustion and to control emissions. But today's gas sources include conventional drilled gas as well as gas from fracking, biogas, etc. Each source may have different composition and may contain different levels of impurities.

We work with you to meet those challenges, drawing from our broad portfolio of critical technologies and our decades of experience. MKS Instruments is known for its gas analyzers. In 2015 we added a new and unique technology called Tunable Filter Spectroscopy (TFS), which enables real-time gas composition and quality monitoring without carrier gases. This improves safety and lowers cost for gas and hydrocarbon monitoring.

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