MKS Investor Relations

MKS Instruments Delivers Steady, High-Margin Growth.

MKS Instruments partners with customers in thin film, including semiconductor device manufacturing, industrial manufacturing, environmental, medical, life sciences and scientific research to develop ground-breaking solutions to their toughest technology challenges.

Our work enables our customers to be more successful, and our societies to be safer and more productive.

MKS solves the most difficult problems, focuses on high-growth markets, has a reputation for good management, and delivers high margins.

We have a history of success. Our products have high market share, we have grown faster than our core markets and we are sound financially. Our culture of dependability and accountability has earned MKS a reputation for doing what we say we'll do financially, operationally and technically. When we make a commitment we keep it- to our customers and to our investors.

We have a strategy for both top line and bottom line growth. In our core thin film market, semiconductor manufacturing is a large part of our business. In this market we are capitalizing on emerging industry inflection points that are driving higher growth in the segments we serve. Elsewhere, we are leveraging our proven technologies and infrastructure into growing adjacent markets. We also plan to accelerate growth through strategic acquisitions.

As consumer and end-user demands push the limits of engineering, we see a growing set of opportunities for MKS technologies and solutions to enable the advances that unlock progress. There is more to come. We can grow together.