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pvs6e portable vacuum calibration system PVS6E Vacuum Calibration System, Portable, 0.00001 - 1000 Torr


  • Type
    Vacuum Calibration System
  • Transfer Standard
    Type 690 Absolute Sensor (NIST traceable)
  • Accuracy
    Standard: 0.08% of Reading (± temp. coefficients)
    Optional: 0.05% of Reading (± temp. coefficients)
  • Resolution
    1 x 10-6 of Full Scale
  • Fitting Type
    Swagelok® 8 VCR® male (3)
  • Operating Temperature
    15° to 40°C
  • Readout
    670 Series, 5½-digit LCD
  • Power Requirements
    110 VAC, 60 Hz; 220 VAC, 50 Hz
  • Warm-up Time
    4 hours
  • Weight
    250 lbs (110 kg)
  • Reference Manometer
    690 Absolute Sensor
  • Pressure Control
    Manual needle valve to control gas inlet; manual isolation valve and metering bypass valve to control pump speed
  • High Vacuum Gauge
    IMAG ionization gauge and controller provides 1 x 10-3 to 1 x 10-9 mmHg measurement
  • Standby Power
    500 V.A. uninterruptible power supply keeps three Transfer Standards warmed up and ready to use for up to 60 min
  • Test/Calibration
    5-10 psig dry filtered N2
  • Vacuum Pumping System
    Mechanical pump: diaphragm
    High vacuum pump: hybrid turbo/drag air-cooled Normal base pressure: <5 x 10-7 mmHg


PVS6E System Components

The PVS6E pumping system consists of an air-cooled hybrid turbomolecular pump, backed by a two stage diaphragm pump. A high vacuum gauge is provided to monitor system performance and base pressure to ensure pressure is low enough for proper zeroing of the transfer standards. The PVS6E is available with manual pressure control capability. The PVS6E has an uninterruptible power supply with sufficient storage to keep the transfer standards warmed up and ready to use for up to 60 minutes, allowing ample time to transport the PVS6E to the process system. The PVS6E can perform off-line as well as in situ calibrations.

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