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precisive tfs tunable filter spectrometer
Optical Gas Analyzer, Tunable Filter Spectroscopy, Liquid Natural Gas


  • Measurement Technique
    Tunable Filter Spectroscopy
  • Measurement Channels
    CH4, C2H6, C3H8, i-C4H10, n-C4H10, C5H12, BTU Calorific/heating value, Wobbe index
  • Measurement Ranges
    Methane: 0-100% (C1)
    Ethane: 0-25% (C2)
    Propane: 0-25%(C3)
    n-Butane: 0-10% (nC4)
    iso-Butane: 0-10% (iC4)
    C5 (lumped): 0-5% (nC5, neoC5, iC5)
    Nitrogen: calculated balance
    BTU Calorific Value-CV (computed as per ISO 6976:1995)
    Wobbe Index-WI (computed as per ISO 6976:1995)
  • Repeatability
    Hydrocarbon channels: < ± 0.05% (absolute)
    CV & WI computation: < ± 0.05% (relative of reading)
  • Zero Drift
    Not to exceed 0.2% per month on each hydrocarbon channel
  • Sample Pressure
    0.1-2 psig
  • Flow Rate
    0.1-1 L/min
  • Update rate
    5 seconds (default), software selectable from 1 -120 seconds


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