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ovs ozone gas destruct catalytic converter
Ozone Gas Destruct, Catalytic Converter for Safe Transformation of Excess Ozone


  • Type
    Ozone Gas Destruct (OVS)
  • Ozone Gas Destruction
    102 g/h at 0.6 m3/h
    or 324 g/h at 5,4 m3/h - maximum, depending on configuration
  • Ozone Input Concentration
    280 g/m3 (18.6 wt%) @ 0.25 m3/h
    or 300 g/m3 (19.6 wt%) @ 0.3 m3/h maximum, depending on configuration
  • Fittings
    1/4 in. Swagelok male, R 1/2 in. (DIN2999 - ISO 7/1 PT), depending on configuration
  • Residual Ozone in Output Gas
    below 0.1 ppm
  • Gas Flow
    1 m3/h at 70 g/m3 (4.8 wt%)
    or 5.4 m3/h at 60 g/m3 (4.1 wt%) maximum, depending on configuration


Moist Ozone Gas Applications

For moist ozone gas applications, such as after contacting ozone gas with water, the OVS can be supplied with optional heating. The heating ensures that the temperature is maintained above dew point at all times and thus avoids condensation of water vapor in the catalyst material.

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