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liquozon helio3 modular dissolved ozone water delivery system
Ozonated Water Delivery System, 12-49 ppm, 60 lpm, Modular, LIQUOZON® HeliO3


  • Type
    LIQUOZON® HeliO3 Ozone Water Delivery System
  • Ozone Generator
  • Ozone Concentration
    12 - 49 ppm
  • Flow Rate
    60 lpm, higher flow rates possible in bypass mode
  • Feed Gas
  • Feed Gas Quality
    ≥Grade 4.0 (purity ≥99.99%), dew point <-40°C
  • Feed Gas Flow Rate
    ≤8 slm, typ. 4.8 slm, according to SEMI E12 (0°C / 1.01325 bar) standard
  • Feed Gas Inlet Pressure
    4.5-7.6 barg (0.45-0.76 MPag, 65-110 psig)
  • Dopant Gas
  • Dopant Gas Quality
    ≥Grade 4.5 (purity . 99.995%) dew point ≥40°C
  • Dopant Gas Flow Rate
    ≤0.3 slm, typ. 0.2 slm, according to SEMI E12 (0°C / 1.01325 bar) standard
  • Dopant Gas Inlet Pressure
    5.0-7.6 barg (0.50-0.76 MPag, 73-110 psig)
  • N2 Dopant Gas Purity Required
    ≥Grade 4.0 (purity ≥99.99%), dew point <-40°C
  • N2 Dopant Gas Pressure Required
    4.5-7.6 barg (0.45-0.76 MPag, 65-110 psig)
  • N2 Dopant Gas Standard Flow Rate Required
    ≤0.8 sccm, typ. 0.5 sccm, according to SEMI E12 (0°C / 1.01325 bar)
  • Compressed Dry Air Standard Flow Rate Required
    ≤10 slm, typ. 2 slm, according to SEMI E12 (0°C / 1.01325 bar)
  • Compressed Dry Air Purity Required
    Filtrated (free of oils & particles)
  • Compressed Dry Air Pressure Required
    5.2-8.2 barg (0.52-0.82 MPag, 75-119 psig)
  • Cooling Water Flow Recommended
    Typ. 3.8 L/min
  • Cooling Water Pressure
    Max. 5.0 barg (0.5 MPag, 73 psig)
  • Cooling Water Temperature
    17 - 23°C, rated 20°C
  • Cooling Water Differential Pressure Required
    ≥2.0 bar (0.2 MPa, 29 psi)
  • Cooling Water Quality
    Demineralized, filtrated (≤20µm)
  • Cooling Water Resistivity (Conductivity) Required
    50-3000 kΩ-cm (20 - 0.33 µS/cm)
  • Cooling Water pH Value Required
    7.0 - 8.0
  • Gas Module
  • Gas Module Material
    Coated steel
  • Gas Module Power Supply Frequency
    50-60 Hz
  • Gas Module Power Supply Class of Protection
    IP 40
  • Gas Module Power Supply Collective Apparent power
    2000 VA
  • Gas Module Power Supply Phases
  • Gas Module Power Supply RMS Full Load Phase Current
    Max. 3.8 A
  • Gas Module Power Supply Collective True Power
    1980 W
  • Gas Module Power Supply Voltage
    400 V ±10%
  • Wet Module
  • Wet Module Material
  • Wetted Surfaces
    Gas: 316L stainless steel, PFA, PTFE
    Liquid: PFA, PTFE, FFKM
  • Wet Module - Process Liquid IN - supplied from TOOL
    Deionized ozonized water with HF and HCl up to 10 wt% each, free of silicon wafer fragments
    Pressure: 0.5-2.5 barg (0.05-0.25 MPag, 7-36 psig)
    Temperature: 15 - 50°C
    Flow Rate: Max. 60 L/min
  • Control Interfaces
    Binary in/out (dry contacts), RS232, RS485, USB
  • Compliance
    CE, SEMI S2-0302, SEMI F47


System Integration and Operation

  • Small, compact Wet Module for an easy tool integration
  • Optimized foot print of Gas Module for positioning next to the tool
  • Simple operation either remotely or from the Gas Module
  • All required controls are integrated into the system
  • Multiple bath capability with two Wet Modules in parallel

Clean, Safe Alternative to Conventional Chemical Processing

  • High redox potential of ozone
  • Green chemical easily converted back to oxygen
  • Ozone can be generated at point-of-use

Low Cost of Ownership

  • Reduced chemical consumption and disposal costs
  • Lower DIW consumption by recirculation mode
  • Low O2, CDA, cooling water consumption

Proven Reliability

  • Industry leading ozone generating technology
  • MTBF > 20,000 hours

LIQUOZON® HeliO3 System

The LIQUOZON HeliO3 delivers dissolved ozone at flow rates of up to 60 L/min. The accuracy of the DIO3 concentration is ensured by a closed loop control. The unit is designed as a modular system which provides all required interfaces and controls in the Gas Module and offers easy integration of the Wet Module into the wet processing tool. It is possible to operate the system either in single pass mode or in recirculation mode.

For industrial applications it is recommended that the system be operated in the recirculation mode as this reduces consumption of water and energy for the ozone production. The process liquid is circulating between the LIQUOZON HeliO3 Wet Module and the process application while the LIQUOZON compensates the losses of ozone caused by ozone consumption, out-gassing and ozone decay. The circulating process liquid can contain HF and HCl with concentration up to 10 wt% which may offer additional options for the wet process such as cleaning, etching, drying and surface conditioning.

Concentration and Flow Performance

The specified maximum ozone-in-water concentration at the outlet of the LIQUOZON HeliO3 is shown in the Performance Single-Path Operation graph. The specifications refer to standard conditions see notes on table “performance summary and facility requirements”.

One of the main characteristics of the LIQUOZON HeliO3 is the amount of dissolved ozone added to the DI-Water, as shown in the Ozone Production Recirculation Operation graph. The resulting performance depends both on the specific tool configuration and the process recipe. Therefore the performance data for the recirculation are typical values. It is assumed the LIQUOZON HeliO3 is connected to a typical batch type bath and a volume of 220 L is circulated with a temperature of 20°C. The internal closed loop control allows a fast and precise adjustment of the dissolved O3 output concentration at the point-of-use. The LIQUOZON HeliO3 is designed to deliver a constant O3-in-water concentration in pass through mode with low pressure drop. According to the performance requirements different types of LIQUOZON HeliO3 can be chosen.

System Flow and Configuration

LIQUOZON HeliO3 has a modular design with a basic configuration and several options.

The ozone gas is produced by the integrated MKS SEMOZON ozone generator through partial conversion of oxygen O2 into O3. Different ozone gas sources, including the highly reliable SEMOZON AX8407 series which produces ozone from oxygen by dielectric barrier discharge, can be chosen based on the performance requirements. The transfer of O3 from the gas phase into the deionized water is accomplished by special MKS designed ozone contactors. The accuracy of the DIO3 concentration is ensured by a closed loop control.

The system is compatible with acids. Liquid wetted surfaces are PFA, PTFE and FFKM. Gas wetted surfaces are 316L stainless steel, PFA and PTFE.

The system is configurable in several options e.g.:

  • Performance of the ozone gas generator
  • Number of wet applications

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