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liquozon single 20 slm ozone water delivery system
Ozonated Water Delivery System, 1-channel, 5-95 ppm, 20 lpm, LIQUOZON® Single


  • Type
    LIQUOZON® Single 20 slm Ozone Water Delivery System
  • Ozone Concentration
    5 - 95 ppm
  • Flow Rate
    0.5 - 20 lpm
  • Operating Pressure
    Constant set point configurable from 1.0 to 2.5 bargauge (15-36 psig)
    Closed-loop controlled, nominal pressure: 2.5 bargauge (36 psig)
  • Feed Gas
  • Feed Gas Quality
    Oxygen, grade 4 (purity > 99.99%) or better
  • Feed Gas Inlet Pressure
    4.5-7.6 bargauge (65-110 psig)
  • Dopant Gas
  • Dopant Gas Quality
    Carbon Dioxide, grade 4.5 (purity > 99.995%) or better
  • Dopant Gas Flow Rate
    Typically 0.15 slm
  • Dopant Gas Inlet Pressure
    5.0-7.6 bargauge (73 - 110 psig)
  • UPW Pressure
    1.8-5.0 bargauge (26 - 73 psig), min. 0.8 bar (12 psi) above system operating pressure
  • UPW Purity
    Purity according to process demands
  • UPW Temperature
    15 - 25°C (59 - 77°F)
  • Cooling Water Flow Recommended
    14-0041-222: Typically 1.5 L/min (0.4 gpm)
    14-0042-222: Typically 2.3 L/min (0.61 gpm)
    14-0044-222: Typically 3.7 L/min (0.98 gpm)
  • Cooling Water Pressure
    2.0-5.0 bargauge (29 - 73 psig)
  • Cooling Water Temperature
    17 - 23°C (63 - 73°F), rated 20°C (68°F)
  • Cooling Water Quality
    Demineralized (Resistivity > 50 kΩ cm), 100µm filtered
  • Ambient Temperature
    Max. 35°C (95°F)
  • Control Interfaces
    Discrete communication, RS232
  • Power
    14-0041-222: 3/PE~, 208 VAC, 50/60 Hz 0.500 kVA
    14-0042-222: 3/PE~, 208 VAC, 50/60 Hz 0.850 kVA
    14-0044-222: 3/PE~, 208 VAC, 50/60 Hz 1.600 kVA
  • Dimensions
    412 x 512 x 1215 mm (16.2 x 20.2 x 47.8 inches )
  • Weight
    135 kg (298 lbs.)
  • Compliance
    CE, SEMI S2-0302, SEMI F47, SEMI S2, UL 61010-1


Faster, Easier Installation, System Integration and Operation

  • Simple operation via Touch Screen
  • No analyzer or cabinet drain connection required

Clean, Safe Alternative to Conventional Chemical Processing

  • High redox potential of ozone
  • Can be generated at point-of-use
  • Green chemical easily converted back to oxygen

Low Cost of Ownership

  • Reduced chemical consumption and disposal costs
  • Lower UP water consumption
  • Low O2 , CDA, cooling water and exhaust consumption
  • Supports single or multiple process tools for maximum efficiency

Proven Reliability

  • Industry leading ozone generating technology
  • MTBF > 20,000 hours

Environmentally Friendly Alternative

Ozone is an environmentally friendly alternative to many process chemicals in the semiconductor industry. It has a high redox potential, can be generated at the point-of-use and is easily converted back to oxygen. Cost of purchase, storage and disposal of many chemicals can thus be reduced considerably.

Concentration and Flow Performance

LIQUOZON Single generates ozonated deionized water (DIO3) with a pressure of up to 2.5 bargauge and a volumetric flow rate of up to 20 L/min. At low flow rates (2 L/min) dissolved ozone (O3) concentration of 95 ppm is achievable; at high flow rates (20 L/min) concentration is a maximum of 30 ppm. The LIQUOZON Single is available with different performance versions.

System Design and Configuration

The integrated SEMOZON ozone gas generator converts oxygen (O2) partially into ozone (O3). In the MKS-designed contactor, O3 dissolves in ultra pure water at high efficiency. Residual undissolved O3 gas converts safely back to oxygen in the integrated ozone destruct unit. An O3 analyzer continuously measures O3 concentration in water and a control loop adjusts the power of the SEMOZON generator to ensure an accurate DIO3 output concentration.

The ozone gas generator incorporates an inlet for O2 gas and an outlet for the O2 /O3 mixture. CO2 is added to the O2 gas as a dopant to stabilize the ozone generation performance as well as to stabilize ozone in the deionized water.

System Response and Accuracy

LIQUOZON systems provide ozonated water at an exceptionally accurate and stable concentration. At flow rate changes, LIQUOZON Single can keep the concentration stable with only a small deviation from the set point.

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