Configuration Options

CMA10B Mass Flow Controller, Compact, Ultrafast


  • Full Scale Flow Range
    50 - 10,000 sccm (N2 Equivalent)
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure
    80 psig
  • Normal Operating Pressure Differential
    50-5000 sccm: 10-45 psid
    10000 sccm: 15-45 psid
    (with atmospheric pressure at the MFC outlet)
  • Proof Pressure
    232 psi, 16 bar
  • Burst Pressure
    1000 psi, 70 bar
  • Control Range
    Digital I/O: 0.1-100% of Full Scale
    Analog I/O: 0.2-100% of Full Scale
  • Typical Accuracy
    ±0.8% of set point for 20-100% Full Scale
    ±0.16% of Full Scale for <20% of Full Scale
    (with N2 calibration gas)
  • Repeatability
    ±0.2% of Reading
  • Zero Temperature Coefficient
    ≤0.005% of Full Scale/°C
  • Span Temperature Coefficient
    ≤0.06% of Reading/°C
  • Pressure Coefficient
    <0.025% of Reading/psi
  • Response Time
    ≤100 ms typical above 10% Full Scale, 50 sccm - 5 slm Full Scale models
    ≤150 ms typical above 10% Full Scale, 10 slm Full Scale models
    (per SEMI Guideline E-17-0600)
  • Warm-up Time
    ≤1 min
  • Operating Temperature
    10-50°C (32-122°F)
  • Storage Temperature
    0-60°C (32-140°F)
  • Fitting Type
    Compatible with Swagelok® 4 VCR® male, surface mount (o-ring and w-seal), 0.25 in. Swagelok compression
  • External Leak Integrity
    <1 x 10-09 (scc/sec He)
  • Leak Integrity Through Closed Valve
    <0.1% of max. Full Scale range using valve closed override command
    (to assure no flow-through, a separate positive shut-off valve is required)
  • Wetted Materials
    Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Silicon, Silicon Oxide, Silicon Carbide, Viton®, Glob Top
  • Seal Material
  • Valve Position
    Normally closed
  • Set Point Command Signal
    0-5 VDC (0-10 VDC, optional)
  • Power Requirements
    24 VDC (±10%)
  • Flow Input Output Signal
    0-5 VDC (0-10 VDC, optional)
  • Analog I/O Connector
    9-pin Type D
  • Weight
    0.68 lbs (310 grams) (w/VCR fitting)
  • Compliance


C-Series Selection Guide

C-Series MFCs are selected based on the gas and range desired.  Use this table to determine the best model for your application:

Gas SEMI# Gas Symbol Minimum Full Scale Maximum Full Scale
1 He 23 16000
4 Ar 40 23000
8 Air 15 14000
13 N2 15 14000
15 O2 14 13000
110 SF6 7 7300
129 C4F8 4 2100

C-Series Overview

The C-Series compact design is only 1 inch (25.4 mm) and less than 4.4 inches (111.8 mm) high. It has standard lengths of 4.88 inches (124 mm) for 4 VCR® male and 4.54 inches (113 mm) for 0.25 inch compression seal gas line connections. Downmount versions are also available.

A low thermal mass MEMS sensor provides rapid sensing of flow changes with low noise output. The solid state design of the sensor makes it resistant to water condensation, particles, pressure shock and vibration.

Fast response, wide dynamic control range, and 0.8% of set point accuracy make this MFC an excellent choice for flow control in critical process applications where noncorrosive gases are used. Typical uses can be found in mass spectroscopy, vacuum coating, bioreactor as well as many other applications. The C-Series incorporates a fast-acting solenoid control valve coupled with the flow sensor via the MFC’s superior flow signal processing and control algorithm. This results in response times to set point of less than 100 milliseconds.

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