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AIRGARD CWA-HPM-TIC Ambient Air Analyzer
AIRGARD® CWA/TIC, Ambient FTIR Air Analyzer
AIRGARD CWA-HPM-TIC Ambient Air Analyzer
AIRGARD® HPA/TIC, Ambient FTIR Air Analyzer
AIRGARD® Plus CWA/TIC, Ambient FTIR Air Analyzer, with Electrochemical Sensors


  • Type
  • Communication
    TCP/IP (Ethernet)
    1 USB port
    xML Standard Protocol
  • Dimensions
    18.4 (width) x 25.4 (height) x 7.5 (length) inches
  • Power Requirements
    120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3A, 240 VAC available
  • Weight
    75 pounds (34.1 kg)
  • Operating Temperature
    10° to 40°C
  • Operating Humidity
    Up to 65%
  • Compliance


Immunity to False Alarms

The AIRGARD analyzer has been thoroughly tested by the Department of Defense for its sensitivity, specificity, response time, and immunity to false positive alarms caused by the sensing of, and alarming to, everyday benign, non-toxic solvents and industrial chemicals. This immunity to false alarms prevents unwarranted evacuation of buildings, associated interruptions of business and emergency notifications when no toxic materials are present.


  • Continuous detection of HPMs and TICs
  • Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC)
  • Emergency Response (ERT) gas monitoring
  • Ambient air, exhausted enclosures, abatement systems, gas delivery (gas cabinets and VMBs)
  • Semiconductor, Solar, LED manufacturing
  • Research laboratories – University, Government, Nanotech

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