• Sensor Type
    Convectron® ATM Gauge
  • Installation Orientation
    Horizontal preferred
  • Measurement Range
    1x10-4 to 1000 Torr (N2)
  • Set Point Range
    Absolute: 1x10-4 to 1000 Torr
    Differential: 750 Torr below atmosphere to 125 Torr above atmosphere
  • Filament
    Gold-plated tungsten
  • Connector
    Male, 15-pin, high-density D-sub
  • Operating Temperature
    0° to 40°C (32° to 104°F)
  • Storage Temperature
    -40°C to 85°C (-40° to 185°F)
  • Relays
    Four single-pole, single-throw, (SPST) normally open
  • Relay Contact Rating
    1A at 30 VDC resistive, or AC non-inductive
  • Power Requirements
    11 to 26 VDC, 3.6 Watts maximum
  • Exposed Materials
    304 stainless steel, borosilicate glass, Kovar, alumina, NiFe alloy, polyimide, pyrex, ceramic, silicon, epoxy, RTV, Viton, and nickel
  • Case Material
    Aluminum extrusion with powder coat
  • Internal Volume
    35 cc
  • Weight
    340 gm (12 oz) with 1/8 NPT Fitting
  • Units
  • Display
    3-digit green LED, automatic ranging (optional)
  • Compliance


The Series 385 Convectron Module contains a piezoresitive diaphragm gauge which has silicone and epoxy seals that can be susceptible to permeation by helium gas. If a helium leak detector is used, it will register helium due to the permeation of the gas through these seals. When the module is saturated with helium, this permeation can contribute to base pressure readings below 10-7 Torr. For other common gases, including air, the leak rate is not measureable on a common leak detector.

  • Wide Measurement Range: Allows for monitoring of vacuum system performance continuously from atmosphere to 1x10-4 Torr.
  • Differential Diaphragm Sensor Technology: Outputs an accurate and repeatable indication of differential pressure at atmosphere through a set point relay.
  • All-Metal Packaging: Provides a high level of immunity to RF noise
  • Process Set Point Relays: Relay contacts are provided to control other vacuum equipment and provide a relay output at the defined atmospheric differential pressure set points.
  • DeviceNet Version: Provides high-speed access to pressure measurement and easy integration with other sensors and controls.
  • Optional Local Display: The DeviceNet version provides an optional, 3-digit green LED display that can be programmed to display in Torr.
  • Low Power Requirements: System integration is easy using standard low voltage DC power sources.

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