M330B & M330-WR Mass Flow Controller Pin-outs

9-pin Type "D"
Pin Description
1 Valve Open/Close:
Connect -15V to Close
Connect +15V to Open
2 Flow Signal Output
3 +15VDC
4 Power Common
5 -15VDC
6 Set Point Input
7 Signal Common
8 Signal Common
9 MKS Test Point, Valve Monitor
15-pin Type "D"
Pin Description
1 MKS Test Point, Valve Monitor
2 Flow Signal Output
3 Valve Close, Connect to Common
4 Valve Open, Connect to Common
5 Power Supply Common
6 -15VDC
7 +15VDC
8 Set Point Input
9 Device Connection Reserved
10 Optional Input
(Pressure signal input for closed loop pressure control.)
11 Signal Common
12 Signal Common
13 Device Connection Reserved
14 Device Connection Reserved
15 Chassis Ground

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