Type 246 Single-Channel Power Supply/Readout Pin-outs

Interface Connector J9, 9-pin male Type "D"
Pin Description
1 Analog Return
2 0 to 1 VDC (nominal) Corrected Output
Flow Output corrected by rear panel gauge factor scaling control
3 Analog Return
4 Remote On/Off
Line used for external (remote) control of flow controller. Compatible with all 5V logic, this line is held high (or left unconnected), causing a flow "off" condition when the SET POINT SOURCE SWITCH is in the ExT position.
5 No Connection
6 0 to 5 VDC Output
MFC output voltage, after being zero corrected by the front panel ZERO CONTROL circuitry
7 Set Point Input
Line used to input an external set point signal for direct control (ExT position) or ratio control (RATIO positon)
8 Digital Ground
Return for remote ON/OFF line (pin 4)
9 Chassis Common
MFC Connector J8, 15-pin female Type "D"
Pin Description
1 No Connection (NC)
2 Flow Input Signal
The output from the MFC is applied here
3 No Connection
4 No Connection
5 Power Ground
6 -15 VDC
Supplied by the 246
7 +15 VDC
Supplied by the 246
8 Set Point Output Signal
From the 246 unit to the MFC
9 No Connection
10 Flow Out
A 0 to 5 VDC zero-corrected output sent back to the MFC for use with the set point circuitry to ensure that set point matches the actual flow
11 No Connection
12 Analog Return
13 No Connection
14 No Connection
15 Chassis Common

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