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MKS Automation Control Platform

The MKS Automation Platform can easily be configured to perform standard controls and automation tasks, but where this platform differentiates itself from other control platforms available today is with its advanced applications and services.

The MKS Automation Platform uses advanced analytics solutions to provide a smarter automation solution. It can be configured to connect to your process, monitor your process, control your process, analyze your process, and optimize your processes, fully leveraging the concept of Learned Automation.

A brief summary of the various applications and services, available on the MKS Automation Control Platform, are provided below:

Advanced Analytics:

The MKS Automation Platform can be configured to support the MKS SenseLink™ QM application, for real-time Multivariate (from MKS Data Analytics) Analytics for prediction and containment of process defects.

Design of Experiments (DoE) and Optimization Tools:

MKS Automation Platform leverages MKS Data Analytics' knowledge and solutions (MODDE) in DoE and process optimization and applies it to controls and automation.

Advanced Process Control Algorithms:

The MKS Automation Platform can be configured to support advanced control algorithms (both MKS and third party algorithms). One example is the use of a Model Based Control (MBC) approach to provide significantly improved temperature control compared to common PID control.

Integration with MKS Devices & Instruments:

The MKS Automation Control Platform provides significant benefits regarding ease of use and time to market when being implemented with other MKS Instruments devices and instruments, including pressure gauges, mass flow controllers, valves, gas analysis solutions, etc. MKS has designed custom MKS Automation Platform IO modules for direct interfacing to various MKS devices. Additionally, the IEC61131-3 programming environment comes equipped with existing libraries and function blocks for a variety of MKS devices.

Training & Systems Integration Testing:

MKS provides advanced remote and onsite training programs to support all aspects of integrating and implementing the MKS Automation Control Platform. With 20 customer support centers and 15 manufacturing facilities, MKS has the knowledge and presence to support you on a global level. Additionally, MKS provides advanced integrated testing, which can be extremely valuable in applications where MKS may be providing an integrated solution, with sensors (MFC's, pressure gauges, valves, etc.), automation and controls, analytics, etc.

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