Alter® AL20060 6kW Microwave Generator System

Power Output 600-6000W
Frequency 2440 - 2470 MHz
Power Regulation 10-100%
Line Load Regulation 3%
Ripple Max ± 5% of output power
Ambient Temperature up to 40°C maximum
Microwave Connections WR340 waveguide with PDR26 flange
Remote Control RS232, ANYBUS (optional)
AC Power Input 3 x 208 V , 50/60 Hz
3 x 400 V , 50/60 Hz
Compliance CE
Power Supply SM1280
Dimensions Width: 444 mm
Height: 310 mm
Length: 482 mm
Cooling Forced air, approx 200 m3/h
Power Head TM060
Dimensions Height: 375mm
Width: 235mm
Depth: 225mm
Cooling Water cooled
4I/min, max 5 bar (inlet temp: 20-30°C)

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