e-Vision 2 General Purpose Residual Gas Analyzer (RGA)

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e-Vision 2
Mounted weight on flange 1.7kg
Power 24V DC, 2A external universal voltage supply (included)
Maximum operating conditions 10-40°C, 80% RH (non condensing)
Communication 10/100 Base-T Ethernet, static or automatically assigned IP addresses
Data acquisition method Dedicated realtime acquisition processor
Data collection methods Analog scanning, full mass range 8, 16 or 32 points/amu
Barchart scanning
Peak-jump collection of up to 15 peaks per scan
Maximum data acquisition speed <3ms per point for analog scans
Settling time from Full Range to Baseline Signal <20ms
Control method CE operating system processor with web-server interface
Command structure Documented ASCII command protocols
Electron energy 40 or 70eV fixed (set in web configuration)
Emission current 1 mA
Filament protection Opto-isolated input for filament protect or control with auto detection of presence of the jack plug as failsafe
Software Built-in web applications allowing RGA control and data acquisition without installed software using web browser on any PC
Optional EasyView for Windows 2000, xP or Vista
Mass range 100 or 200 amu
Filter length 4" (100mm)
Detector Faraday or Dual Faraday Microchannel Plate Electron Multiplier
Filaments Tungsten or Thoria Coated Iridium
Maximum operating pressure 1e-4 Torr (1.3e-4 mbar)
Ion source sensitivity 2e-4 A/mbar
Minimum detectable partial pressure (3σ baseline noise at 300ms integration) 2e-11 Torr (2.6e-11 mbar) Faraday
5e-14 Torr (6.7e-14 mbar) Multiplier
Mass stability ±0.1 amu over 8 hours at stable ambient
Resolution Better than 10% valley for peaks of equal height across mass range
Bakeout temperature 250°C with electronics removed
Operating temperature 200°C Faraday only with electronics 10-40°C
150°C Multiplier with electronics 10-40°C and pressure <1e-8 mbar
90°C Multiplier with electronics 10-40°C and pressure <1e-5 mbar
Compliance CE (control unit)

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