MKS Pressure Input I/O Module

Pressure Input I/O Module
No. of Inputs 4, Single Ended
(1 for each pressure signal input)
ADC native resolution 14-bits
Range Voltage: 0-10V @ 13 bit
Sampling Rate 6.25 kHz
(160µsec, for all 4 channels)
Min input CMRR 50dB, 0-1kHz
Max error over full range ±0.15% of Full Scale
(20°C to 30°C)
Minimum Input Impedance 1 Meg-ohm
Anti-alias HW filtering 200Hz ±20%, 6dB/octave minimum
Protection ESD to IEC 61000-4-2 ±4kV contact,
short to 24V, +15V, or -15V
Input Voltage 24 VDC
Power Consumption 24V Core: 3.5W
24V I/O: Max 120W (When all 4 pressure devices consume 0.8Amp max each from ±15V power supply)
Max Current Delivery per connector 0.8 Amps
AI latency and repeatability Response Time: 300usec ±10%
Operational Environment
Temperature 0 to 40°C, with 2°C upper limit reduction per 1000 ft above sea level
**Note: At 40°C ambient, power consumption of the ±15V power supply should be limited to 100W (3.3A @ both ±15V)
***The pressure module should be located as the last module (right-most module in a stack)
Storage Temperature -40°C to 75°C
Humidity 5-95% non-condensing
Altitude up to 2000 meters
MTBF 10 years at 80% confidence level
Dimensions 52.5 mm x 125 mm x 92.3 mm (W x H x D)
Mounting DIN rail

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