MultiTherm 2000 Modular Temperature Controller

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MultiTherm 2000
Connectivity TCP/IP, ModbusTCP
EtherCAT® Slave supporting PDO and Mailbox (CoE and FoE)
Serial 115,200 baud rate - Shell command interface (not available currently)
Temperature Range 0 to 850°C depending on type of sensor used
Input Channels 8 sensor input channels supporting RTD's and Thermocouples
RTD's (PT100, PT1000, 3-wire)
T/C's (J, K, T, E, R calibrated)
per Temperature Input Module
Input Accuracy ±0.8 C (typical TC's excludes sensor accuracy)
±0.1 C (typical RTD's excludes sensor accuracy)
Sensor Acquisition Time 10 - 625 ms (configurable)
Temperature Resolution 0.01°C
Input Repeatability Better than 0.1°C depending on sensor type and temperature range
Factory Calibration 12 months typical, depending on sensor type, temperature range and required accuracy
Control Methods Control via EtherCAT Master PID with auto-tuning
Control via Modbus Master PID with auto-tuning
Open loop manual control of outputs
Model Based Control (optional)
Software EtherCAT Configurators (i.e. TwinCAT, KPA Studio) (not supplied with product)
Environmental 0 to +50°C operating temperature
0-85 % RH, no condensation
Mounting DIN rail
Dimensions 85 mm high (4.9 inches)
124 mm deep (3.3 inches)
35 mm wide (1.4 inches)
Compliance RoHS, CE
DIO Module
PWM outputs 12 channels @ 24V active high
per DIO or DO module
Output Resolution 0.01% Full Scale power
AIO Module
Sampling rate for AI 6.25 khz (160µSec, for all 8 channels)
Isolation 1.5kV rms
ADC Native Resolution 16-bits
Number of AI Channels 8 differential per AIO module
Range Voltage: 0-5V, 0-10V , ±5V, ±10V
Current: 0-20ma , 4-20ma
(Factory configurable between voltage and current)
Input Voltage Measurement Range -10V to +9.9997V
Mininimum Common Mode Voltage Range ±8V
Minimum Input CMRR 50dB, 0-1kHz
Minimum Input Impedance 10 MOhm
Anti-alias HW filtering 200Hz ±20%, 6dB/octave minimum
Protection ESD to IEC 61000-4-2 ±4kV contact,
short to 24V, +15V, or -15V
DAC Native Resolution 16-bits
Number of Channels 4, differential/single ended
(different assemblies)
Output Voltage Range -10V to 9.9997V
Output Accuracy ±1.2mV measured at I/O connector with 2kOhm load at 25°C ambient
Output Accuracy Temperature Drift 0.02% of output value (20°C - 35°C)
Maximum Output Current 5mA, into a 2kOhm, 10nF load

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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