Heater Trap Recommended Installation

photo - Metal Etch Trap

The heated trap works best the closer to the chamber. This ideal installation right after the turbo pump reduces the number of heaters needed when the trap is farther away from the pump exit. If the pumping system can accommodate an few extra liters of inert gas, the combination of the Virtual Wall and the heated trap will provide increased uptime and reduced maintenance time. If heaters are required, MKS has heaters that can run as high as 250°C if the line before the trap needs to be heated instead of another solution.

The heated trap can run at temperatures up to 450°C and the gas temperature leaving the trap will increase the pressure locally and a recommended distance of at least 1 meter to allow for gas cooling is recommended before the gas reaches the pump.

  • Cleaning kit available for ease of use
  • Voltage 208VAC to heaters: Control required - Optional controller available
  • Thermocouples - Two included: Temperature monitoring and Over temperature monitoring


Minimum trap dimensions are 10 inch in diameter and 21 inches long from inlet to outlet. Dimension does not include the insulation. Smaller sizes available. Contact MKS for more information by sending an email or call 303-449-9861.


  • MKS can customize for capacity and flow, Contact MKS for more information
  • Capacity 3500 cu cm (10 inch model)
  • Exposed materials Stainless steel, Kalrez O-ring, Pucks can be aluminum
  • No conductance loss for a new trap
  • Typical dry weight (10 inch model)
  • Maximum Total Gas Flow 5 slm (10 inch model)
  • Part number 10 inch model 99N0158 (Controller optional)

Replacement Parts:

Rebuild kit:

  • Aluminum 99S0248
  • Stainless Steel 99S0293

Learn more about the MKS Heated trap here

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