GM100A Metal-sealed, Digital Mass Flow Controller/Meter

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Full Scale Flow Ranges 50,000 - 100,000 sccm
Maximum Inlet Pressure 150 psig
(can not exceed pressure differential requirement across MFC)
Normal Operating Pressure Differential 50,000 - 100,000 sccm; 40 to 80 psid
(N2 Full Scale with atmospheric pressure at the MFC outlet)
Proof Pressure 1000 psig
Burst Pressure 1500 psig
Control Range 2% to 100% of Full Scale (range on mech.)
Typical Accuracy ± 1% of set point for 20 to 100% Full Scale
± 0.2% of Full Scale for 2 to 20% Full Scale
(with N2 calibration gas)
Repeatability ± 0.3% of Reading
Resolution 0.1% of Full Scale
Temperature Coefficients
Zero <0.05% of Full Scale/°C
Span <0.08% of Rdg./°C
Inlet Pressure Coefficient <0.02% of Rdg./psi
Typical Controller Settling Time <750 msec., typical above 10% Full Scale
(per SEMI Guideline E-17-0600)
Warm-up Time 30 min
(to within 0.2% of Full Scale of steady state performance)
Operating Temperature Range 10°C to 50°C (Ambient)
Storage Humidity 0 to 95% Relative Humidity, non-condensing
Storage Temperature -20° to 80°C (-4° to 149° F)
Fittings Compatible with:
Swagelok® 4 VCR® high flow male, Swagelok 8 VCR male, 1/2 inch Swagelok, 10mm Swagelok, KF-16
Leak Integrity
External <1 x 10-10 (scc/sec He)
Through Closed Valve <1.0% of Full Scale at 40 psig inlet to atmosphere
(to assure no flow-through, a separate positive shut-off valve is required)
Wetted Materials
Standard 316L Stainless Steel VAR (equivalent to 316 stainless steel SCQ for semiconductor quality)
316 Stainless Steel
Elgiloy®, Nickel
Valve Seat Viton®, Buna, EPDM or Neoprene
Surface Finish
MFC 10µ inch average Ra (electropolished)
MFM 16µ inch average Ra
Weight <3 lbs (1.4kg)
Compliance CE
Input Power Required +15 to +24 VDC @ (<4 watts)
Flow Input/Output Signal
Voltage (0 to 5 VDC) 15 pin Type "D" male, 9 pin Type "D" male
Current 15 pin Type "D" male (4 to 20 mA)
Input Power Required
DeviceNet™ +11 to +25 VDC per (<4 watts)
RS-485 +15 to +24 VDC per (<4 watts)
Profibus® +15 to +24 VDC per (<4 watts)
EtherCAT® +24 VDC per (<5 watts)
PROFINET® +24 VDC per (<5 watts)
DeviceNet™ 5 pin micro connnector (power and comm.)
RS-485 9 pin Type D male (power and comm.)
Profibus® 9 pin Type D male (power)
9 pin Type D female (comm.)
EtherCAT® 2 x RJ-45 (comm.) male
M8 male, 5 pin (power)
PROFINET® 2 x RJ-45 (comm.) male
M8 male, 5 pin (power)
Data Rate Switch/Selection
DeviceNet™ 4 positions: 125, 250, 500K (Default)
programmable over network
RS-485 No switch
Set Data Rate via RS485
Profibus® Set Data Rate via Profibus
EtherCAT® No switch
PROFINET® No switch
Comm. Rate(s)
DeviceNet™ 125 Kbps, 250 Kbps, 500 Kbps
RS-485 9.6 Kbps, 19.2 Kbps, 38.4 Kbps
Profibus® 9.6 Kbps to 12 Mbps
EtherCAT® 100 Mbps
PROFINET® 100 Mbps
MAC ID Switches/Addresses
DeviceNet™ 2 switches, 10 positions
0,0 to 6,3
1 to 254
RS-485 Set address over RS485
Station Addresses 0,0 to 9,9
Profibus® 2 switches, 10 positions
EtherCAT® 3 switches, 16 positions
Network Size
DeviceNet™ Up to 64 nodes
RS-485 Up to 32 nodes
Profibus® Up to 99 nodes
EtherCAT® Up to 4095 nodes
Visual Communication Indicators
DeviceNet™ LED network status (green/red)
LED module status (green/red)
RS-485 LED Comm (yellow)
LED Error (red)
Profibus® LED Comm (green/red)
LED Error (green/red)
EtherCAT® LED Power (green)
LED Run (green)
LED Error (red)
LED /Comm (green)
PROFINET® LED Maint (amber)
LED BUS Fault (red)
LED Ready (green)
LED Sys Fault (red)

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