photo - ECM2 Control Platform

ECM2 Applications:

The ECM2 Process Control Platform is ideal for high-density commercial and industrial applications and for remote monitoring applications with high I/O point counts. It can be implemented as a complete control platform for a single location or for a complete manufacturing line and can be configured to support various applications, including:


Critical requirements:

  • High counts of MFC's (Dnet & DIO requirements)
  • Thermocouple &/or pyrometer for temperatures
  • Safety interlocks for human safety, toxic gases
  • Programmability with MIMO control, recipes


Critical requirements:

  • Efficient price-per-IO-point
  • Thermocouples for temperatures
  • General AIO/DIO
  • PLC compatibility for scripts/recipes


Critical requirements:

  • Varied selection of AIO/DIO/Serial & Safety
  • Thermocouples, RTD's, or pyrometers for temperature
  • High-speed communication to host over EtherCAT

More about the ECM2 Control Platform here

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