ECM Control Platform Ethernet Control Module

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Dimensions 1U (height) x 13 inches (width) x 10 inches (depth)
Ethernet Connector 100 BaseT auto-switched
RS-232 Connector TxD, RxD; DB9 connector
Chassis Material Plate/chromate
Front Material Paint black
Clearance Side and back only
Cooling Internal fan
Operating Temperature 0 to +45°C
Storage -40 to +85°C
Humidity 5 to 95% non-condensing
Altitude Up to 2000 meters
MTBF minimum 5 years @ 80% confidence level
(43,800 Hours @ 80% confidence level)
Protocol Support
Modbus/TCP Modbus/TCP Server/Slave
Identical Register Set as Modbus RTU Slave
Compatible with 10/100 BT Ethernet Interface
Modbus Functions Supported: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 15, 16, 22, 23, 43
DeviceNet™ Type II Slave Device
Support Explicit and Poll I/O Messaging of pre-defined Master/Slave Connection set
Support up to 15ms scan rate with max IO configuration
EtherCAT™ EtherCAT Slave
CANopen over EtherCAT (CoE), PDO Mapping Support EtherCAT Device Description File (xML)
Two Dedicated EtherCAT Ports
Support up to 1ms deterministic response time for real-time control
Ethernet Configuring, Diagnostics and Monitoring (Web Browser based)10/100 BT Ethernet Interface
Fuses 24V_PWR_1
Can be expended to up to 48 by different distribution board design.
Fuses are reported as pass or fail to the application software.
Fuse Detection Thresholds 17V for 24V powers 12.5V for 15V powers
Power Measurement 1. 24V_Main
2. +15V
3. -15V
High and low limits for each power are configurable via application software.
Power measurements are reported to the application SOFTWARE and compared against the predefined limits.
Power Measurement Resolution 10 bits
Power Input
Main Power Supply 18VDC - 30VDC
Typical - 1.2Amp
Maximum - 10Amp (internally limited)
Power Supply Analog ±15V @ ±1%
Max - 6.7Aamp (internally limited)
Programmable Interlock
Certification SIL3
Redundant PLD design,
Implement 1 out of 2 programmable logic architecture
Inputs 64 + 1 (for watchdog function)
Active high or low contact inputs, jumper selectable in groups of 12
Output Relays 33 dry contact type N.O.
32 are monitored
Output current Standard Output: 2A-Software monitored
High power: 16A
Mode of operation Run: normal operation mode
Prog: Load the Interlock Logic and access special FPGA registers for debug
Classic Interlock
Relays Total input and output relays based on customer schematic
High power NO relay for WD functionality
Logic Hardwired on PCB
Digital Input
Number of Inputs 210
Shared with outputs, each functions as I/O
Sink Input Current
Input Low Voltage range(ON)
Input High Voltage range(OFF)
Min 1.2mA at Vin=9.2V
Min 0V to Max 9.2V
Min 9.9V to Max 24V
Source Input Current
Input High Voltage range(ON)
Input Low Voltage range(OFF)
Min 1.2mA at Vin=12.5V
Min 12.5V to Max 24V
Min 0V to Max 11.7V
Debounce filter 0 msec to 999 msec
1 msec resolution
Isolation 2.5KVrms
DI refresh rate 1msec
Digital Output
Number of Outputs 210
Shared with inputs, each functions as I/O
Output Type Open collector Pull up value - 10K
Output Drive Current 200 mA per output, maximum 750 mA per 6 outputs
Sinked/sourced from 24VDC
Sink Output High Voltage
Output Low Voltage
Min 23.7V @ 0.16mA
Max 0.3V @200mA
Pull up value-10K
Source Output High Voltage
Output Low Voltage
Min 23.7V @ 200mA
Max 0V @ 0µA
Pull down value:10K
Isolation 2.5KVrms
Max update rate 1msec
EMC Protections ± 2kv (Immunity to EFT/Burst)
Over current Protection Each channel
Total: ~1.5A ~10A
Driver shuts down (Power cycle required to clear fault)
Polarity Sink/Source,
HW selectable per 16 IOs for DIO 0-185,
per 2 IOs for DIO186-207,
per 1 IO for DIO208,209.
Analog Input
Number of Inputs Single-ended: 64
Differential: 32
Resolution 0-5V 16 Bit
±5V 16 Bit
0-10V 16 Bit
±10V 16 Bit
Accuracy Single-ended or Differential:
0-5V 0.1: % Full Scale (5V)
±5V: 0.05 % Full Scale (10V)
0-10V: 0.1 % Full Scale (10V)
±10V: 0.05 % Full Scale (20V)
(calibration is needed for 0.05%)
Input Latency <200µSec (total)
To hardware communication daemon
Input DC resistance 0.4MΩ (Differential)
0.2MΩ (Single ended)
Pull Down Res
-3db filter frequency 0.76kHz
Calculated as f = 1/2πRC
EMC Protections ± 2kv (Immunity to EFT/Burst)
Isolation No Isolation
Same Net, different planes for Analog and Digital part
Analog Output
Number of Outputs 16 Differential
Resolution Range ±10V
16 Bit
Accuracy Range ±10V
0.05 % @ Full Scale (20V)
Output Drive Current 10mA per output
(capacitive load max 1nF)
Output Latency <100µsec (total)
To physical connection
EMC Protection ± 2kv
(immunity to EFT/burst)
Isolation none

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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