MKS, Alter® GS Series Industrial Microwave Generator Overview

diagram - Alter Industrial Microwave Generator

GS Series 915MHz Industrial Microwave Generators from MKS Instruments, Alter® Products include the following components:

1. Waveguide Launcher

The electromagnet, the magnetron, the high pressure fan, the filament transformer and the feed-thru necessary to exchange power and signals.

2. Main Switch

Standard manual commands (Start/Stop/Reset/Power level), and the components to protect the input lines and current overload switches

3. Control Units

Allows direct control for all the magnetron functions of industrial microwave systems, including power output, operating conditions for set power level and control over all the main parameters of the magnetron
(Remote control option : MBUS interface with Profibus or Modbus/TCP port)

4. Alter® MPS Power System

MPS Series Industrial Switch-mode Microwave Power Supplies are ventilated in both the front & rear

Many industrial-scale heating applications benefit from the use of "L-band" (915 MHz) GS Series industrial microwave generator technology from MKS Instruments, Alter® Products.

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