1150C & 1152C Heated Pressure-Based Mass Flow Controller

1150C & 1152
Full Scale Ranges (N2 equivalent) 1 to 1000 sccm typical (dependent upon source material)
Control Range 5.0 to 100% of Full Scale
Accuracy (including linearity and hysteresis) ±5.0% of Full Scale
Repeatability ±0.2% of Full Scale
Measurement Resolution ±0.1% of Full Scale
Operating Temperature Range
Standard 30°C to 100°C, adjustable
Optional 90°C to 150°C
Setting Time (to 100% of Full Scale) 1 second to within 2% of set point
Input Power Required
Meter/Controller ±15 VDC (±2%) @ 0.28 Amps
Heater ±15 VDC @ 1.5 Amps (3 Amps with 90°C to 150°C option)
Set Point Signal 0-5 VDC from <20K Ω
(Although DC input impededance of the set point circuit is high, we recommend a relatively low set point drive signal impedance (1000 Ω or less) for good noise immunity when the unit is used in high RFI or EMI environments.)
Output Flow Signal 0-5 VDC into >10K Ω
Temperature Output 10 mV/°C (0°C=0 VDC)
Relay Contact Ratings 2 Amps @ 28 VDC; 1 Amp @ 120 VAC resistive
Connector Type
Signal 15-pin Type "D", RFI/EMI shielded
Heater 9-pin Type "D", RFI/EMI shielded
Maximum Line Pressure 35 psia
Leak Integrity
To atmosphere <1 x 10-9 scc/sec He
Through closed valve <1% of Full Scale or 1 sccm, whichever is greater
(for specific applications, consult MKS Applications Engineering)
Process Wetted Materials Inconel, 316 S.S., nickel
Mounting Position Do not mount upside-down
Fittings Swagelok® 8 VCR® male
Compliance CE

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