Corporate Social Responsibility

A Message from our President & CEO

At MKS, our vision is to enable technologies that transform our world. We have a long history of leveraging our collective curiosity to understand and develop solutions that enable progress, as well as enabling economic development, by solving the technology challenges of tomorrow.

The MKS mission is to be the innovation leader and trusted partner who pushes the boundaries of possibility. Our success has been built upon our ability to work closely with our customers to understand their critical issues and then develop the appropriate solutions together.

Relationships matter, and we build ours on a solid foundation of integrity and trust. How we run our business, including our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, is directly related to our core values and our stakeholder expectations. Our MKS CSR Management System helps guide how we deliver on our objectives in an ethical and sustainable way, for our employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders. It outlines our CSR governance structure, how we manage our CSR program, our high-level focus areas, and our annual CSR strategy process. We ensure these activities are aligned and supported across our organization. Our four guiding principles of “win as a team”, “innovation is a core capability”, “sustainable and profitable growth”, and “own it”, are the values that we aspire to live and work by every day.

Our leadership approach is based on our commitment to conduct business with the highest standards of integrity. Our Code of Conduct and Ethics ensures that we are delivering on this commitment every day, with every interaction that we have with our customers, suppliers and colleagues. We also have a strong commitment to our people, with an emphasis on diversity, inclusion, and employee development and well-being. We value the environment and our communities in which we live and work, with a commitment to sustainable business practices, supporting clean energy development, philanthropy and volunteerism. A critical part of our strategy is cultivating strong relationships with our supply chain. As part of our responsible and sustainable sourcing strategy, we formalize, standardize and clearly communicate our expectations for suppliers, including our ethical guidelines and how we expect to work together.

In summary, we believe that it is critical to create relationships with our stakeholders that support responsible and ethical business practices, conduct, and compliance. It’s good for our employees, it’s good for our environment, and it’s good for our business.

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John T.C. Lee
President & Chief Executive Officer

Corporate Social Responsibility Report

MKS is built on integrity and trust. We are proud of our leadership foundation and values focused on a commitment to our people, our society, and the environment.

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