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P2A Low Pressure, Metal-sealed, Multi-gas, Multi-range, Digital Mass Flow Controller

The MKS Instruments P2A MFC Low Pressure Thermal Mass Flow Controller is a multi-gas, multi-range metal sealed mass flow controller designed specifically for applications where low pressure drop across the controller is critical. Applications include controlled delivery of Safe Delivery Source (SDS®) gases in ion implant applications to maximize the utilization of the SDS® source gas. Inlet pressures as low as 4 torr are possible. The P2A Low Pressure Drop Thermal Mass Flow Controller is 1.125 inches wide and standard three inch MFC overall length with an electropolished 5 microinch Ra surface finish and metal seals - assuring product cleanliness. Accuracy of the P2A MFC Low Pressure Drop Mass Flow Controller is 1% of Setpoint over most of the dynamic control range.

The P2A MFC Low Pressure Mass Flow Controller's multi-gas, multi-range capability can be utilized to reduce inventory needs to cover a range of flows and gases, particularly those for ion implant. A web-based browser interface allows for setup and troubleshooting of this flow controller in-situ, thereby reducing the number mass flow controllers needed as well as of "No Problem Found" MFC replacements and the need to break the process gas line.

SDS® is a registered trademark of Matheson Tri-Gas and ATMI, Inc.


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