Pressure/Vacuum Measurement

Baratron® Direct (Gas Independent) Pressure/Vacuum Capacitance Manometers (0.01-155,000 Torr)

HPS® Vacuum Transducers, Gauges, Sensors and Controllers (1x10-11 to 1500 Torr)

Pressure/Vacuum Switches

Temperature Controlled to 45 degrees C
Direct, Absolute, Digital Pressure/Vacuum Measurement

For information regarding Profibus versions of these products, please contact MKS Instruments Applications Engineering.


i-Baratron® DMB DeviceNet™ Digital, Absolute Capacitance Manometer (0.1-1000 Torr), Temperature Controlled to 45 degrees C
627C e-Baratron® Heated Ethernet-Enabled Absolute Capacitance Manometer (0.1-1000 Torr) Temperature Controlled to 45 degrees C
E27C e-Baratron® Ethernet-Enabled, Heated Absolute Capacitance Manometer, Etch Sensor (0.1-100 Torr), Temperature Controlled to 45 degrees C


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